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Kilian Jornet Burgada

Kilian Jornet Burgada Unterschrift

Kilian Jornet Burgada – long-distance runner and ski mountaineer. He won the UTMB, is world cup champion in sky running and has numerous speed records.

Wolkige Bergspitze

I love to spend time on mountains, outside, light and keep moving all the time. I started mountaineering when I was a child living on a mountain hut in the Pyrenees. At 13 years old I started ski mountaineering racing, winning world cup and classical races as Pierra Menta, Mezzalama or Patrouille des Glaciers. At 18 years old I start to race on Trail Running with some victories on Vertical Kilometers, short distance and long distance. And I have always been on mountains doing some summits, expeditions, steep ski and crossings.

Kilian Jornet Burgada Verschneiter Berghang

I’m not a specialist of any mountaineering style but I love to take all the knowledge of every activity to go to big or remote mountains and keep moving fast.

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