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Type: sets

Autumn camping set

Late autumn is a magical but also cold, wet and foggy time. For those who enjoy the nostalgic autumn's weather we have prepared a discounted offer. It consists of 2 meals, 1 soup and 1 breakfast, an ideal set for autumn camping.



Pork loin in green pepper

Pork with green pepper to warm you up! This dish will make the blood in the veins flows faster. A warming portion of delicate pork in sauce with green pepper and potatoes. A perfect dish for lovers of good, slightly sharper cuisine.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.



Five-spices chicken

Appetising dish from distant China, delightful blend of flavours! Delicate pieces of chicken in Chinese five flavours with crispy bamboo and soya sprouts, oriental mushrooms, red pepper, courgette, carrots and leek. All served with basmati rice.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.



Goulash soup

Genuine, thick stew that warms you up and gives you strength for your journey. Delicately crispy pork pieces, cooked with tomato puree and vegetables to give the dish a classic, delicious Hungarian taste.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.



Organic porridge with apple, cranberry, cinamon

The taste of autumn morning in the best combination of flavours. A classic combination of cinnamon and apple in our freeze-dried oatmeal enriched with cranberry fruits. This warm breakfast will immediately take you back to your favourite autumn memories. Nourishing coconut milk, gluten-free oatmeal, chia seeds, cranberry fruit and an apple with cinnamon. Our oatmeal is made just like our grandmothers used to make it. 

Information about ingredients and nutritions.

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